Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Nov 29 – Picture Analysis

Today I’m suppose to be a great friend. I offered to come over to bring the kids to the park and catch up on some dishes and possibly laundry since she had a baby last Wednesday.

But secretly, I would prefer to stay home and take care of this mayhem.

Did you hear that? Or more like read that? I would prefer to sort this chaos than spend time with a friend and her children. There is something wrong with me!

After getting through most of the worse room in this house, I feel I can conquer (almost) anything. I know I can do this. And with that huge pile of bye-bye-donations at the door, it’s extremely motivating.

For Picture Analysis Tuesday, I would love to show you the pile of garbage outside and everything going to donations but alas, my phone has died and I cannot take the pic 😦

But I can update you on my other sections.

  1. the hallway is piled high with donations but also stuff waiting to come upstairs. So it’s not maintained per say but close 🙂
  2. The dishwasher is a big hot spot so I’ve included it in my evening routine. When I fill the dishwasher after dinner, I clear off the top as well. Done!
  3. The toilet looks awesome! The whole bathroom does except the floor. I should attack that today!
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Monday Productive List

Last week I mentioned I might be changing my Monday shifts. I had to put a lot of thought into it and finally decided to go ahead with the switch. So today was my first Monday off! I slept in LOL I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this category going but for now, it still serves a good purpose.

This is going to be quick because I’m on day two of this headache. Grrrrrr

  1. I worked with my dad on his newsletter and wrote an article
  2. Rescued the kitchen after two, maybe three days, of a little bit of chaos all because I forgot to run the dishwasher one night! Funny how that happens!
  3. Cleared the counters
  4. Went through some of the craft supplies and threw out a whole big black garbage bag full of papers and… well, garbage!
  5. Brought down and organized the baby games
  6. Sold my last cubby – hello $30!!
  7. Brought all the garbage out
  8. Set all donations at the front door ready for tomorrow… bye bye junk!!
  9. Made a scrumptious dinner (even though I burnt some of it, the kids devoured it!!!)
  10. Finished knitting 4 dishcloths
  11. Wiped down the new buffet and put my china and serving trays in it
  12. Rearranged my cupboards a little
  13. Rescued the front of my fireplace again
  14. Made my nephews smile with a new Xbox game 🙂

I’d say a productive day indeed!

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Just Rambling… instead of cleaning

I am soooo overwhelmed which automatically puts me in a depressive mood. We are doing a massive cleanup in every room. There’s a reason why I was trying to stick to decluttering and small projects first but there comes a time when you just have to tackle the big stuff too.

In order to put the laundry away, I needed to move boxes out of my room, but I should just go through them instead. A lot of the things in the boxes belong in the filing cabinet but I can’t put anything in there since we still have to move it to the office. The office is temporarily in the baby’s room and will be moved into the basement once we move a few things there and rip the carpet out… see how the long chain of task can be depressing? In order to put my laundry away, I have to pull carpet – ARGH!

Here’s another: The couch that is currently in the basement needs to come up to the living room. There is a pile mountain of laundry on it that we’ll need to sort through first. And before moving it upstairs, we’ll have to move things out of the way, like the bottom of the stairs but also in its spot upstairs. I’ll have to move the TV to the next wall which means I also have to move the aquarium which is NOT an easy task. I don’t even know where we’re going to house the aquariums yet and I’m seriously thinking of letting one of the four go however I have no where to house my shark if I do that. Actually, one of the fish died over the weekend and I’ll be moving his mate to the bigger aquarium so I’m one tank down already 🙂

Wow that was a lot of unnecessary rambling.

A part of me just wants to start at the front door and chuck things out as I go along which seems like a splendid idea with garbage day tomorrow until I start feeling guilty of sending perfectly good useable items to a landfill. It’s just as easy to donate them (ok maybe not) to an organization.

My phone also died over the weekend so there are no more pictures to post. This is a big halt in my progress because seeing the before pictures once I’m proud of my after is very eye-opening.

I’ve had a headache for a while now so I shall go take a break from my to-do list. More progress later…

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Are you ready?

Today is the day my sweet sister comes over to clean Bean’s room. As embarassing as it is, I welcome the help. That’s one HUGE load off my shoulders in this mayhem!

Minime has requested that I blog as we go today since we are attacking a lot rooms all at once and she wants to be able to read about our progress later.

So here goes:

  • Sister is working with Bean in her room.
  • I’m working on the hallway, my bedroom and later the main floor, and by main floor I mean the dining room and living room area
  • Hubby is gone Christmas shopping LOL and then will work on the basement. We will then be moving A LOT of furniture around… again! (for the last time hopefully)
  • and Minime is working on her room and laundry

Edited to add: Wouldn’t you know it, once I got started I got a headache and ignored it only to be faced with a migraine later. While I didn’t cross that much off my list, hubby reassures me that even though the house looks like one big pile of clutter vomit, one who lives in this house can see the progress. I wish I could see beyond the vomit really. What was once clean is cluttered again. There’s a lot of work ahead of us!

Minime’s List

  • Bin #1
  • Bin #2
  • Bin #3
  • Hallway Bin #1
  • Hallway Bin #2
  • Hallway Bin #3
  • Clear off desk
  • Make bed
  • Organize Dresser
  • Clear off top of dresser
  • Clear off and organize brown shelf
  • Laundry
  • Clear floor

My todo’s list


  • Hallway – I did once twice already but now that we’re clearing out bedrooms…
  • Vaccuum hallway
  • Clear out the laundry from our room
  • Fold Laundry
  • Put all the laundry away
  • Box #1
  • Box #2
  • Box #3
  • Laundry Basket #1
  • Laundry Basket #2
  • Laundry Basket #3
  • Laundry Basket #4
  • Clear off the floor
  • Vaccuum
  • Clear off the desk
  • Clear off the side tables
  • Get rid of the dead fish
  • Empty aquariums (3)
  • Move aquariums (fun)
  • Bring baby toys and supplies in basement
  • Bring a lot of the other furniture in basement

Main Floor

  • Bring the daycare shelves downstairs
  • Fill these shelves back up which means organization and decluttering of said items at the same time
  • Make the dining room look reasonable again
  • Go through box #1, box #2, box #3, and bag of craft supplies and deal with the big pile off stuff on the floor
  • Find a home for the old homeschooling stuff
  • Bring rocking chair to baby’s room

More progress to come

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Saturday Blues…

Bleh, what a day.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was Yoga Schmoga – No Way! But I know my niece really looks forward to going and since we missed last week, I kinda owed it to her.

I trucked my behind oh so very slowly all the way to Yoga and I simply wasn’t in the mood for it. To make matters worse, I kept getting dizzy and having to stop. But the kicker was my niece wasn’t really in the mood either. She spent most of the time in a fetal position playing with the velcro on her mat. Ugh… Ah well, it’s not wasted time because I was very stiff when we started and it helped me loosen up a bit.

Once we got home, I wanted to have a fun lunch so we made:

Added diced tomatoes, red onions, celery and herbs

Then my nieces wanted to watch a movie… actually they wanted a Shrek Marathon. I fell asleep. After my sister picked the girls up, I went back to bed. I have nooooooo energy at all today. Weird! But it reminds me that I should probably take an iron pill… especially since my time of the month is coming in the next few days. I wonder if I can take 5 or 6?!?

I can’t let another unproductive day slip by so I plan to tackle my Maintenance Friday list.

And as a treat, I’ll share this picture a friend shared on Facebook

Rum infused white chocolate and French vanilla cupcakes with Baileys icing

That’s Heaven in a cupcake!!

I’m frantically searching the web for a recipe. Found the icing not the cupcake. He’ll have to share his secret!!! 🙂

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Maintenance… huh!

So last night, hubby and I debated on two different televisions we were eyeing and today we bought one.

51" Samsung Plasma - Looks like any other TV doesn't it? 🙂

This is a family Christmas gift but don’t think it’s going into hiding for a month. Oh no!

We’re all pretty excited to get rid of our 27″ 15yo tube tv 🙂

Bringing this TV in made me realize that I’m still very far from reaching my goal of an organized, decluttered home. FAR!

My living room is once again in muddle mayhem. It’s rather depressing really. But I can’t give in. I have to find a solution.

And the solution is having a maintenance day.

I’m doing great with new challenges, clearing sections out, decluttering and donating. But I don’t revisit these sections because I’m accepting new challenges all the time. Since I work in the evening on Fridays, I have the morning to go through our home to focus on maintaining what I’ve worked so hard on.

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Nov 24 Todos

I’m looking forward to my day today.

First I’ll be heading off shortly to Future Shop. They are having a ONE-DAY sale today except they are not advertising WHAT is on sale. You HAVE to go in store to see.

Well! Nothing was tagged, you had to ask and bargain your way to a sale and we were in the store for 3 hours for nothing!


Hubby and I have been eyeing a specific TV so I’m REALLY hoping it’s on sale today! 🙂

It wasn’t… and we tried to bargain to no avail, only to find out later that it would be on sale tomorrow!

Once I get home, the plan is to tackle Big Project #3

HAHAHAHA didn’t happen!

Here’s a copy and paste of that plan:

  • Move the shelves against a wall, any wall, just not right in the middle of everything – did that yesterday 🙂
  • Make a note NOT to shove things out of the way without a plan in the future – Got it!
  • Jot down all the categories I think are here (puzzles, games, crafts, homeschooling stuff, frames)
  • Prepare a floor plan (shelf plan – whatever)
  • Clear off the table and then set it nicely
  • Clear off the top of the shelves
  • Pick one box off the floor at a time and go through it and that means emptying it and putting everything away. But this is soooo much easier said than done.
  • I already know I want the white shelves in the spare room so up they go
  • Decide what to do with the white drawers
  • Hang the frames where I’d like to see them even if there are no pictures in them yet

Edited to add:

We spent a lot of time researching and shopping for TVs and by the time we got home, hubby went to work and I got busy with the kids. So my plan to work on the dining room failed 😦

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Aha Moment

I get it!

I finally get it!

Well I get a part of it…

I was coming up the stairs this morning and it went something like this:

  • I walked over a pile of papers without even consciencely thinking about it
  • By step 3, I looked back to see what I’d actually done – Shame!
  • I tell myself that I have to crack the whip down and get Minime to clear her bins out of here
  • But instead I should just sit down with her to do it together or do it myself
  • I turned back around by step 5 noticing the white shelf by the stairs – It’s an overwhelming pile of who knows what
  • I tell myself I don’t even want to think about it right now but a possible good Picture Analysis moment for next Tuesday

And then it hits me!

There has been many little overwhelming piles I decide to tackle later. And even though I had the intentions of clearing them pre-blog, it never happened because… I was overwhelmed and there were a lot of them. By ignoring them of course means the mayhem grows larger and more piles are born.

At this very moment, I can decide to clear off that shelf (because it would only take me 5-10 minutes) or plan to tackle it on Tuesday. At least there’s a plan!

Edited on Dec 12: The Plan

Last night I cleared a major hotspot by putting it all in a box with the intentions of going through it today. I’ve done that too many times and still plan on doing the same in other sections. This just creates an overwhelming pile of go-through boxes so I am deciding on a new plan. I will have ONE go-through box. I cannot create new boxes until my one is empty. Yes this means the piles will linger around a little longer but I’m ok with that. Because the end results will be better. And my livingroom will be reclaimed again instead of having piles of go-through boxes! Go me!

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Nov 23 Journal

Didn’t blog yesterday

Didn’t have much to blog about at first

Woke up with a headache that forced me back to bed. I had a lot of pressure behind the eyes, at the base of my brain and felt it down through mid-spine. Weirdest thing ever but I blame it on Mother Nature busy covering the earth with a white blanket overnight.

Hubby got up and prepared the kids for school. He even drove the boys in because their transportation was late. He then crawled back into bed with me and we both slept the morning away.

In the afternoon, we had an appointment then stopped at the thrift store to look for another vase for my knitting needle.


Got home, prepped dinner and tried to convince the kids to organize and declutter the board games…. HA – they are very uncooperative with my progress.

Then I got the call…

I’m in labour. I don’t need you right away but be ready


My friend had previously asked me to consider being on call in case she needed someone to tend to her two children while she was having a home birth. Two hours after the original call, I was on my way. I do feel bad that I was unable to achieve the task I was asked to do. Her children really wanted nothing to do with me and wanted to be with their mother which is completely understandable.

So I stayed in the livingroom, knitting with ears pealed to hear anything I possibly could while this family enjoyed the birth of their new daughter together. What an awesome experience! Their oldest child, 4yo, even got to cut the umbilical cord. I am moved and honoured to have been there.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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Hubby said…

… that it’s been nice lately to have more room to make the kids’ lunches.

I conquer!

It’s nice to walk into a clean kitchen every single time and have some counter space. Now I’m looking forward to eventually clearing off that hotspot!

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