Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Dec 31 Todo/Tadas

Pre planned list:

  • Donation run
  • Finish our room
  • Move the aquariums ???
  • Move the TV Delivered and out of my home!!!!
  • Hallway white shelf
  • Clean both bathrooms I hired my sister to come do some cleaning. She did a WONDERFUL job!!!!
  • Sweep and wash floors (Sister)

Leftovers from previous days:

  • Arrange the office and start setting up the computers
  • Our bedroom
  • Clear Stairs and hallway then Vaccuum (Sister)
  • Top of fridge
  • Linen Closet
  • Bring the couch up
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Dec 30 Todo/Tadas

My preplanned list:

  • Arrange the living room
  • Arrange the office and start setting up the computers
  • Our bedroom
  • Clear Stairs and hallway then Vaccuum
  • Fix the beds/mattresses

And my left overs from yesterday:

  • Completely finish the kitchen with the exception of the ‘new’ stuff I have no room for. My sister is coming over tomorrow to help me with organization ideas for the kitchen. Hubby and I have also agreed to hire a professional organizer for this room. It really sucks to have limited space!
  • Top of fridge/freezer
  • Take the Christmas tree down and put away
  • Linen Closet
  • Bring the couch up

My most proud Tada for the day… Menu planning!!!

From the moment I started this blog and decluttering process, I knew that I wanted to eventually get to the point of planning my meals. When I was seeing my dietician, she couldn’t emphasize this enough but with all the chaos around me, I simply couldn’t bring myself to doing this. And besides, when in the world do I have the time??

Yesterday I purged a lot of my cookbooks but came across one that I bought YEARS ago and forgot all about:

365 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Dinner Menus

Does it get any easier?

First I broke down our week. Tuesday Soup day, each daughter took a day to cook (Wed/Thurs), pizza Fridays and Hubby special Sunday Dinner. Taking this chart and our household food sensitivities and allergies into consideration, it was sooooo easy to plop down our menu directly on the calendar! So easy in fact, I planned for the whole month of January!!!

But my dietician wants me to plan ALL of my meals, not just dinner. This was easy too. I grabbed…

The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!

… and planned my first week of lunches!! My grocery list for the week is also done which took no time at all now that I know what we’re going to eat!!

Go Me!!!

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Dec 29 Todos/Tadas

My preplanned todo list:

  • Completely finish the kitchen
  • Top of fridge/freezer
  • Take the Christmas tree down and put away
  • Linen Closet
  • Microwave stand -DONE
  • Move the shelf into our room -DONE
  • Bring the couch up

My Actual Tada list:

  • Go through all of my cookbooks and donated A LOT!! My sister actually stopped in and decided to take about 8 home. yeah!
  • Hubby cleared a spot in the bedroom and we moved the bookshelf
  • Set all our books on said shelf
  • Clear the microwave stand which is now in the garage
  • While my sister was here, I was telling her that I needed floating shelves or 3D wall art to add dimension to the dining room. She pointed to my wall-mounted candles and said: “What are you doing with those?” Boy she’s brilliant. I love my baby sister…
  • Went to work
  • Made lazagna – funny how burnt lazagna still tastes great!
  • Started on the linen closet and got discouraged… LOL

And then I just couldn’t help but want to share a picture of my new and improved Dining room!!!


Before I started this blog and my decluttering process

You know, I was really proud of that ‘organized’ space when I bought those cabinets… hahahahahaha
But now, look at it now. I’m so impressed with myself!

Can you believe it? Ignore the lamp and aquarium lol

Not a very good picture, I admit, I was trying to hide some things 😉 I’ll upload a better picture by Saturday – I promise!
Notice the frame on the wall is completely empty. There are no pictures in it yet. You know, I bought myself this frame 3 Christmas’ ago but procrastinated the whole process of finding the ‘right’ picture, and the ‘right’ wall… it was such an overwhelming task. When I started my decluttering back in November, I told hubby I was going to put the frames up on the wall – all of them – even the empty ones… and as I come across pictures I’ve been meaning to hang, I won’t have to go looking for the frames because THEY ARE ALREADY ON THE WALL. Yes I know it looks kind of dumb in the meantime but up until now, this frame was hiding behind the microwave stand, waiting for me. That’s even more dumb! I have a gazillion frames all around the house in boxes and bins, even drawers just waiting, and I have pictures in boxes and bins, even drawers – ironically not at all housed together – also waiting. Baby steps…

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T-5 days…

But since today is almost over and and I don’t really want to count Monday, there are 4 full days left, or 5 more sleeps til I call the society for our first official house visit to be approved to go ahead with the application process.

With Christmas behind us and one more holiday to survive through, I can really feel the pressure! My house is still in chaos but getting more and more organized every day. This morning, I worked on the dining room. I still need to buy floating shelves for my cookbooks and find a better place for my aquariums and that room is complete!!! Since we are having our annual New Year’s Eve party on Saturday, I would also like the guess room complete ‘just in case’. (Although it can still be slept in right now, there’s a lot of clutter at the entrance waiting to go downstairs)

So the goal this week is to:

  • finish the main floor completely
  • have both bathrooms done
  • the stairs/hallway
  • and guest room.

My kids have been doing fabulous jobs on their bedrooms as well mainly because for Christmas they received all new bedding and bedroom accessories to make organizing a little easier. Their bedrooms will finally become the sanctuary I’ve always envisioned.

Next week, first thing’s first is our bedroom and a massive wash from ceiling to baseboards. I’ve already called upon my friends for volunteers. That should be fun! Once the main and top floor are done, hubby and I will spend every waking minute in the basement to sort a lot more junk that has been neglected throughout this process. We’ve decided that the garage will be a spring weekend project!

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. The amount of decluttering has been insane! Who knew we actually had that much junk!

At a glance…


  • Completely finish the kitchen
  • Top of fridge/freezer
  • Take the Christmas tree down and put away
  • Linen Closet
  • Microwave stand
  • Move the shelf into our room
  • Bring the couch up


  • Arrange the living room
  • Arrange the office and start setting up the computers
  • Our bedroom
  • Clear Stairs and hallway then Vaccuum
  • Fix the beds/mattresses


  • Finish our room
  • Move the aquariums ???
  • Move the TV
  • Hallway white shelf
  • Clean both bathrooms
  • Sweep and wash floors

Guest room

  • Bring the furniture and boxes down
  • Set the bed in the right place
  • Place Cubby and the rest of the furniture where it belongs
  • Vaccuum
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No more Stash & Dash plz!

Here we are, Christmas eve. I have a huge ham in the oven and it’s smelling wonderful. The children are wrapping up last minute gifts and my thoughts wonder over to my mother who called me on Monday. Since I was otherwise occupied, I told her I’d call her back but I haven’t been able to reach her. So I reach over for the phone again and try the Knights of Columbus, a place she likes to hang out at.

Guess what; she’s there.

“Hi, can I speak to my mom please?” I feel like such an idiot but that’s a whole other story not appropriate for this blog.

I decide to invite her over for dinner. Since hubby is working til 7, the ham would be ready for around that time so she has plenty of time to prepare.

She declines.

So I invite her for Christmas breakfast.

Brilliant!!!! I absolutely love the idea and so does she! She wants me to invite my sister. Awesome!

And then it hit me…

My house is no where NEAR ready for company like that! My sister, OK! My cousin or dad, fine! They know all about the process of decluttering I’m going through but not my mother and definitely not her clean freak hubby. (I swear my mother doesn’t lift a finger except for laundry! Niiiiice)

CLEAN UP TIME! and fast!!!

Note to self: Don’t EVER do this to yourself again.

Although I truly did enjoy the time I shared with my mom, which is in fact very rare. (not enjoying her company but actually having her over) I also didn’t stress about the mess on Christmas morning. But I sure did a whole lot of stressing with some stash and dash the night before. Not a good thing!

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Message sent to my Hubby just 5 minutes ago…

Earlier today he told me a receipt he needed was throughout the pile we put on the microwave… these are important Christmas receipts I want to keep on hand.

I walked in the kitchen a few minutes ago and then sent my hubby the following message:

That couldn’t have been you who made such a mess on top of the microwave because you would know how devastated and upset I would be to see that… so I can only assume that some leprekaun or maybe elves came rading through the papers there… Right?
They say it takes a willing person 21 days to change a habit. If someone were to tell me it takes an unwilling family member 78 days to accept the new habits and start changing, then I think I would have more patience through this transition. I could just start my countdown and stay tight-lipped til then. But I simply don’t see any improvement from anyone and it’s so very devastating.
I simply don’t know what to do to convince these people to make an effort.
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Completely Overwhelmed

When will I start feeling like we’re actually getting somewhere?

Some days I look around and think Not Bad… just a few more steps.

And then I start on a new area and the whole house explodes again and I feel completely overwhelmed.

After everything we sent to donations or freecycle, you’d think the clutter would feel more under control but alas, it seems to get worse with every room we attack.

I know I got a lot accomplished today… but you just can’t tell. And in order to go to bed tonight, I’ll have to clear off my bed which is a whole mountain of clutter I have to sort. *sigh* Flylady’s voice is echoing in my head to stop complaining and just do it… I have a headache, I’m tired and blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to do this anymore.

I wanted my house done by Christmas. That was the goal. Christmas is less than a week away and there is no way, absolutely no chance of it. It’s devastating. I just want to cry. I suppose I have to look at all the progress and not what’s left – it’s just hard to see the progress when the mess takes over every single day.

My tadas for today…

  • Clean off the floor in my bedroom
  • Cleared the desk so hubby could move it to the basement
  • Went through a few hotspot piles in my room (I can only do so much)
  • Got rid of the boxes in my room

Is that it? Really? I worked all day for just that?

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The sad truth about clutter

Clutter took over my home and life without us even noticing it. It’s very unfortunate. My garage is currently a ‘do not cross’ zone. We should really have yellow danger tape all around it. It makes those Hoarder episodes look like nothing.

Among that clutter, somewhere deep under it all, are Christmas decorations including a tree. Here we are Dec 13th – 12 days til Christmas – and my house is bare… no decorations, no tree. And I can’t foresee us managing this. There is just no way to get to that corner. Can we have Christmas without a tree? Is that fair to the kids? What can I do to make up for this nonsense?

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Dec 13 Todos

A quick copy and paste from yesterday’s list

  • Pay off some bills
  • Christmas shopping
  • Put the garbage out – 6 bags!!!

Why is it that my plan for the day never works out? It’s 3:30 and although I’ve finished off a lot of my Christmas shopping, my bedroom remains untouched! I also have the boys for the evening and Little Miss is coming for the night so I’d like to work on the main floor and possibly the dining room table so we’ll have somewhere to sit and eat! PLUS – I have a surprise for the girls!

My new todo list:

  • Move the livingroom furniture where it’s suppose to be
  • Clear out the folded laundry and put it all away
  • Pile the boxes better so we have room to move around
  • Wish the TVs were out of there… but alas nothing I can do about this til Sunday
  • Clear off the dining room table
  • Clear off the side table
  • Set up the lamps 🙂
  • Sweep the whole main floor
  • Post more items on Freecycle and Kijiji
  • While the kids are watching a movie tonight, I’ll start going through those boxes!!
  • Start a new knitting project…

  • Clear off the desk
  • Bring boxes in the livingroom (Or I might just end up going through them, much easier)
  • Put laundry away
  • Clear off the floor
  • Bring the desk in the basement
  • Vaccuum
  • Make bed (new sheets)
  • Clear off bedside tables
  • Bring lamps into the livingroom
  • Clear out hallway (again)
  • Vaccuum
  • Bring TV up here
  • Set it up with the xbox
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Lightbulb Moment

There is something seriously wrong with my brain…

Every time I go to the gym, I wish I had headphones with me. A few months ago… many many months ago, I bought myself a really good set. I was very proud of this purchase. When I got home, I put them on the counter so I wouldn’t lose them.

This counter:

Can you spot the headphones? Neither can I!

I’ll tell you where they were found last night tho. UNDER it all, way in the back. Good safe place for them! Looking on the bright side, the kids have been unable to steal them from me!

When I threw most of this junk in my Go-Through box, I tossed the headphones in too, stressing over the fact that I am going to have a good safe home for them in order to be able to use them when I go to the gym again. But where oh where can that be?

And you know, that is the big question in this house. Where can I house this?? or that?? If it doesn’t have a home, then it can’t stay in this house.

What I find disturbing is that it didn’t dawn on me until a few minutes ago that those headphones DO HAVE A HOME. They sure do! They should be IN THE GYM bag. You know, with the rest of my gym stuff. So when I do go to the gym, they are right there with me and I don’t have to go hunting for them.

What a concept!

Why didn’t I think of that last night?

Or better yet, when I first bought them?


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