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Message sent to my Hubby just 5 minutes ago…

on December 19, 2011

Earlier today he told me a receipt he needed was throughout the pile we put on the microwave… these are important Christmas receipts I want to keep on hand.

I walked in the kitchen a few minutes ago and then sent my hubby the following message:

That couldn’t have been you who made such a mess on top of the microwave because you would know how devastated and upset I would be to see that… so I can only assume that some leprekaun or maybe elves came rading through the papers there… Right?
They say it takes a willing person 21 days to change a habit. If someone were to tell me it takes an unwilling family member 78 days to accept the new habits and start changing, then I think I would have more patience through this transition. I could just start my countdown and stay tight-lipped til then. But I simply don’t see any improvement from anyone and it’s so very devastating.
I simply don’t know what to do to convince these people to make an effort.

One response to “Message sent to my Hubby just 5 minutes ago…

  1. Muddler says:

    The less junk around, the less stuff people have to mess up. That’s the harsh reality. And if those receipts were in the folder I bought specifically bought for this purpose, then I’m sure I wouldn’t have been faced with the mess. I’m learning – where I once thought it was everyone else’s fault, I’m slowly starting to see that if I provide the tools, they will learn to use them.

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