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Jan 3 Todo/Tada

on January 3, 2012

So I did it – I called the society this morning but she’s away until tomorrow…. LOL

That’s OK. That gives me a whole day to work on the rest of the house. I spent some time writing every task down to help me stay focus. I won’t be finishing this list today but hopefully, I’ll attack a good chunk of it! Besides, I do have some errands to run today as well.

Here it is…

Main Floor

  • Front hall
  • White Shelf
  • Kitchen
  • Aquariums


  • Donation pile
  • Knitting corner
  • Laundry pile

Bathroom #1

  • Organize under sink
  • Organize cupboard

Master Bedroom

  • Make my bed with brand new sheets
  • Clear hubby’s flooreverything is now on my bed
  • Closet panel A
  • Closet panel B
  • Closet panel C
  • Bed

Even though I only completely one side of the floor and the closet today, the room already feels lighter. Only two bins left on that side – clothes to go through and donations. On my bed is a bin of unmatched socks. I’m going to pop a movie in and start matching!

  • Hubby’s night table
  • My dresser
  • My floor
  • My night table
  • Corner pile
  • Hubby’s dresser
  • Vaccuum

Baby’s Room

  • Clear office furniture
  • Vaccuum
  • Place baby furniture


  • Clear & Vaccuum
  • Place laundry basket


  • Bag laundry
  • Bring the couch up to living room
  • Move office furniture
  • Put stuff away (books)
  • Start clearing boxes

Broken down like this, it really doesn’t seem to be that bad!!! Off I go…


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