Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…


on January 3, 2012

I have to take a moment to bring something to my own attention.

It’s 2012 – It’s not just another day… it’s a new year. And in every other aspect in my life, it doesn’t make a difference.

But I have to force myself to make one.

I’ve spent the last two months decluttering this home little by little. My main floor looks amaaaaazing! And although I’m not one to make any resolutions just because we’ve hung a new calendar on the wall, I want to ensure that I’m going to upkeep the hard work I’ve put forth.

I don’t want to be among the people that make grand plans just to fail them 3 weeks later.

  • I’m not going to promise to lose 50 lbs (although that would be awesome!) however I do want to make an effort in meal planning which leads to healthier eating.
  • I’m not going to promise to exercise every day however I do want to make use of the new Kinect games we got for Christmas and since our living room is decluttered now, we actually have the room to just plop and play! I do also have a YMCA membership that I don’t take advantage of so maybe I can work on dragging my butt over since I love their spinning classes! Something I’d like to eventually incorporate in my busy schedule.
  • I’m not going to promise to keep my house clean at all times however I am going to maintain what I’ve accomplished and I will tackle the rest in small weekly projects.

I have sooo much to look forward to in the next few months. No need to distract myself with planning and failing resolutions 🙂


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