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Jan 4 Todo/Tada

on January 4, 2012

I might as well copy and paste the whole list until it’s all done!

But first thing is first:

  • Call the society – Our appointment is next Tuesday!!!!
  • Run a few errands
  • Can’t forget I work at 2
  • Laundry

Now I can tackle some of ‘the list’!

Main Floor

  • Front hall
  • White Shelf
  • Kitchen
  • Aquariums


  • Donation pile
  • Knitting corner
  • Laundry pile

Bathroom #1

  • Organize under sink
  • Organize cupboard

Master Bedroom

  • Hubby’s night table
  • Put Laundry away
  • My dresser – My sweet and beautiful Minime helped me with this
  • My floor
  • My night table
  • Corner pile
  • Hubby’s dresser
  • Vaccuum

Baby’s Room

  • Make the bed
  • Spend waaaay too much time looking at nursery themes and colours
    • Narrow it downeither Green with earth tones or Silver and purple…
  • Clear office furniture
  • Vaccuum
  • Place baby furniture


  • Clear & Vaccuum
  • Place laundry basket


  • Bag laundry
  • Bring the couch up to living room
  • Move office furniture
  • Put stuff away (books)
  • Start clearing boxes

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