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Jan 6 Todos/Tadas

on January 6, 2012

I originally posted this on Jan 5th but didn’t scratch one thing off of it! Imagine… 😦

So I’m just changing the posted date!

I might as well copy and paste the whole list until it’s all done!

  • ** Work from 2-7 **
  • Come to the realization that I only have 3 days to tackle this list <insert super shocked face>

Main Floor

  • Front hall
  • White Shelf
  • Fold Laundry
  • Kitchen


  • Donation pile
  • Knitting corner

Bathroom #1

  • Organize under sink
  • Organize cupboard

Master Bedroom

  • Hang my clothes in the closetImagine, I can actually walk to the closet now AND open the closet AND have room to hang my clothes AWESOME!
  • My floorHonestly I had originally planned to just box it all up and send it in the basement but I actually sat my butt down on the floor and went through it all. These were piles of papers, books, pictures, etc that got tossed on the floor when we moved the desk. Mature right? MOST OF IT went in the garbage/recycling!!!!!
  • Also went through 3 boxes
  • My night table
  • Deal with the unmatched socks bins
  • Corner pile
  • Hubby’s dresser
  • Vaccuum

Baby’s Room

  • Clear office furniture
  • Vaccuum
  • Place baby furniture


  • Clear & Vaccuum
  • Place laundry basket


  • Bag laundry
  • Bring the couch up to living room
  • Move office furniture
  • Put stuff away (books)
  • Start clearing boxes

Hubby’s Todo’s list

  • Patch and paint and hang bedroom doors
  • Patch and mount hand rail
  • Find electricity solution for aquariums
  • Move the aquariums
  • Buy and hang curtain rod for our room

I have to be all done by Sunday because on Monday, I want to sort Bean’s room and clean the entire house from top to bottom…


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