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Jan 8 Todo/Tadas

on January 8, 2012

I am feeling extremely nauseous at the moment. Why? Because I asked for volunteers to help me clean my house. Today is the day those volunteers are coming over and I’m not ready. My house is still a mess. I’m stressing over this and I really shouldn’t! These volunteers are here to help me with the mess right? It’s a catch 22! But still I’m very nauseous knowing they are on their way.

So far today, I’ve:

  • cleaned the kitchen
  • organized the donations pile which hubby is on his way to drop it all off as I type this
  • started dinner
  • attempted to sweep

There is sooooo much to do and I don’t know where to start! Here’s the list

Main Floor

  • Front hall
  • White Shelf
  • Wash floors

Bathroom #1

  • Organize under sink
  • Organize cupboard

Master Bedroom

  • My night table
  • Deal with the unmatched socks bins
  • Vaccuum

Baby’s Room

  • Clear office furniture
  • Vaccuum
  • Place baby furniture


  • Vaccuum


  • Bring the couch up to living room
  • Move office furniture
  • Put stuff away (books)
  • Start clearing boxes

Hubby’s Todo’s list

  • Patch and paint and hang bedroom doors
  • Find electricity solution for aquariums
  • Move the aquariums
  • Buy and hang curtain rod for our room

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