Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…


I’ll write more about me when I have a minute or two… that can take months 🙂 In the meantime, you can read my very first post which explains my inspiration for this blog.

Mom to two, aunt to many – my house is always filled with children but I dream of more everyday 🙂
Let me introduce you to the people I refer to in my blog.
Hubby – Caring, compassionate and always supportive no matter what crazy idea I come up with.
Minime – my oldest daughter (b.1995), who remind me a lot of me… She also hates that I refer to her as Minime.
Bean – my youngest daughter (b.1999).
My sister – I don’t have a nickname for her yet but she is my rock, my best friend.
Niece#1 – still have to come up with a nickname for her.
Little Einstein – she is my sister’s clone.
Then there is my cousin Wiggy and his two boys I refer to my nephews.
His brother Tune’s little girl is Little Miss.
Yoggy is another cousin I go to Yoga with.

This is my family. We are very close. VERY. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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