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Menu Plan for this week

I’m sooooo excited for posting my very first menu plan. As mentioned in a previous post, I planned my menu for the whole month with ease so this morning, hubby and I went grocery shopping for what we would need this week. Unfortunately, there were a lot of basic things to buy such as vinegar and dish soap so the total was a tad high. But I can see how this is going to save us money in the long run. I’m sooooo excited!

So our menu this week consists of:


Monday: Turkey Wrap
Tuesday: Chicken Asparagus & Tomato Salad
Wednesday: Teriyaki Beef
Thursday: Leftover Soup from Tuesday
Friday: Salad with Deli meat
Saturday: Lentil Stew
Sunday: Thai Chicken Curry w/Rice


Monday: Cabbage Rolls
Tuesday: Red Soup
Wednesday: Sausage & Egg
Thursday: Turkey Sandwiches
Friday: Pizza:
Saturday: Beef Patties
Sunday: I can’t tell you, Hubby always surprises us 🙂

Tonight’s dinner was surprisingly yummy LOL and I only say that because as I’m serving everyone, they ALL say: “Mom, we don’t like Cabbage rolls!” Oops… but they ate it AND enjoyed it! So HA!! lol Minime’s boyfriend, who absolutely does NOT like cabbage, even had seconds!

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Dec 30 Todo/Tadas

My preplanned list:

  • Arrange the living room
  • Arrange the office and start setting up the computers
  • Our bedroom
  • Clear Stairs and hallway then Vaccuum
  • Fix the beds/mattresses

And my left overs from yesterday:

  • Completely finish the kitchen with the exception of the ‘new’ stuff I have no room for. My sister is coming over tomorrow to help me with organization ideas for the kitchen. Hubby and I have also agreed to hire a professional organizer for this room. It really sucks to have limited space!
  • Top of fridge/freezer
  • Take the Christmas tree down and put away
  • Linen Closet
  • Bring the couch up

My most proud Tada for the day… Menu planning!!!

From the moment I started this blog and decluttering process, I knew that I wanted to eventually get to the point of planning my meals. When I was seeing my dietician, she couldn’t emphasize this enough but with all the chaos around me, I simply couldn’t bring myself to doing this. And besides, when in the world do I have the time??

Yesterday I purged a lot of my cookbooks but came across one that I bought YEARS ago and forgot all about:

365 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Dinner Menus

Does it get any easier?

First I broke down our week. Tuesday Soup day, each daughter took a day to cook (Wed/Thurs), pizza Fridays and Hubby special Sunday Dinner. Taking this chart and our household food sensitivities and allergies into consideration, it was sooooo easy to plop down our menu directly on the calendar! So easy in fact, I planned for the whole month of January!!!

But my dietician wants me to plan ALL of my meals, not just dinner. This was easy too. I grabbed…

The Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start: Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Start Living the Biggest Loser Lifestyle Today!

… and planned my first week of lunches!! My grocery list for the week is also done which took no time at all now that I know what we’re going to eat!!

Go Me!!!

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Who knew!

Something about cleaning up inspired hubby to grab a cookbook and look up an old favourite of his. He then took off to the grocery store to buy what we were missing (stewed tomatoes, along with a bunch of other things we needed) and now dinner is in the crockpot! Awesome!

How can a girl not love this man? Steak, stewed tomatoes & red onions. Dash some spices and herbs. When ready, add tomato paste and serve over fettucini pasta. Yum!

He even bought wine to go with dinner! How special is that? Too bad we didn’t have a clean dining room table to eat at! 😦 Aw well, watching our shows together as a family was bonus enough!

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