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Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Todo List Dec 12

First and foremost, a quick tribute to my daughter’s uncle who passed away last month after a very long battle with a brain tumor. He would have been 34 today. Happy Birthday Ricky.

Oh my where to start today? So much I want to attack. I suppose starting out in the kitchen is the natural way to do things…

  • Edited to add: Went through my iVillage message board bookmarks, all 60+ of them and purged the ones I really don’t have time to read. Really do I need to bookmard EVERYTHING I have the slightess interest in? – I’m now down to 9!!
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Make myself some tea
  • Eat breakfast

And then I got hit with another stupid headache and scratch everything else on my list 😦 How disappointing… I told hubby and Bean to let me sleep the headache away… I woke up four hours later. No headache but still pressure. Gaw! I wish I had a blood pressure machine at home!

My sister needs help tonight and will be coming over. So my todo list is changing drastically!

  • Make dinner
  • Clear the hallway
  • Vaccuum hallway
  • Vaccuum stairs
  • Move the bed and shelf out of the spare room
  • Move everything I don’t want in the spare room into the corner
  • Vaccuum
  • Set up the room how I want it
  • Set up the bed

And this is where my sister called to tell me she wasn’t coming over… Ah well, I was productive – that’s all that matters!

  • Encourage Bean to clean the bathroom
  • Get the garbage ready for tonight

And once all of the kids have left for school, I’ll

  • Rescue the front hall

Bean decided not to go to school again today (I have to figure out what she’s avoiding) but she was excited to tell me that she wants to attack the laundry pile today. Hey – why not! hahahaa So I suppose this means I should

  • fold laundry

Edited to add: I totally forgot about a birthday party I promised to attend this afternoon. So the list below will probably be delayed until tomorrow…

She’ll have to clean her bathroom as well. I have to tackle my bedroom as well. So as soon as hubby rolls out of bed,

  • Clear off the desk
  • Bring boxes in the livingroom
  • Put laundry away
  • Clear off the floor
  • Bring the desk in the basement
  • Vaccuum
  • Make bed (new sheets)
  • Clear off bedside tables
  • Bring lamps into the livingroom

If I’m going to tackle the room, the hallway needs to be done as well.

  • Clear out hallway (again)
  • Vaccuum

And if all goes well, we can bring one of the TVs up here! 🙂 Yeah! Set it up with the xbox and finally have access to movies from my bedroom again!!

I also need to

  • Set the bed up in the spare room
  • Go through kitchen box
  • And set the garbage ready for tomorrow

Have a great day everyone!

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Monday Productive List

Last week I mentioned I might be changing my Monday shifts. I had to put a lot of thought into it and finally decided to go ahead with the switch. So today was my first Monday off! I slept in LOL I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this category going but for now, it still serves a good purpose.

This is going to be quick because I’m on day two of this headache. Grrrrrr

  1. I worked with my dad on his newsletter and wrote an article
  2. Rescued the kitchen after two, maybe three days, of a little bit of chaos all because I forgot to run the dishwasher one night! Funny how that happens!
  3. Cleared the counters
  4. Went through some of the craft supplies and threw out a whole big black garbage bag full of papers and… well, garbage!
  5. Brought down and organized the baby games
  6. Sold my last cubby – hello $30!!
  7. Brought all the garbage out
  8. Set all donations at the front door ready for tomorrow… bye bye junk!!
  9. Made a scrumptious dinner (even though I burnt some of it, the kids devoured it!!!)
  10. Finished knitting 4 dishcloths
  11. Wiped down the new buffet and put my china and serving trays in it
  12. Rearranged my cupboards a little
  13. Rescued the front of my fireplace again
  14. Made my nephews smile with a new Xbox game 🙂

I’d say a productive day indeed!

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My Monday Ten Productive Tasks List – Nov 21

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

I HATE Mondays!

But here’s the good news. Last week, another waitress requested a shift change. She wants my Monday morning and give me her Wednesday evening.

So why haven’t I jumped at the change yet?

Cuz I’ll be losing about $100/month (not THAT big of a deal when you consider sanity vs $100) and because I usually tend Little Miss Wednesday nights.

I’m so torn on what to do. Do I just let the Monday shift go all together and have that extra time to work on the house, prepare for a daycare that much sooner? Or suck it up until after Christmas?

Ten Things I Can Do Today to Feel Productive list

  1. Call my sister to help me with some organization ideas for the children’s craft supplies
  2. Put all the clean dishes away
  3. Email the Reader’s Digest Editor about an article
  4. Get the garbage ready
  5. Call regarding donating some Xbox games with the local Children’s Hospital
  6. Read a few organizing blogs for new ideas
  7. Shopping for 3 organizing tools – I can’t wait to tell you all about the bargains I found. To be updated tomorrow when I can take pics but here’s a hint – bathroom, kitchen AND dining room. hahaha
  8. Looked for photoboxes at both Michaels and Walmart – NONE I’ll try the dollar store tomorrow.
  9. Move the big shelves out of the dining room to make room for one of the items from 7. (confession, they are now in the middle of the place and it looks nasty but I’ll deal with them tomorrow 🙂 )
  10. Call for information on the local foster program. The coordinator asked a lot of questions and was ready to do my first home study NEXT WEEK!!! Um, no we want to wait until AFTER the holiday chaos!! But OMG that could have been VERY exciting LOL

When my sister was here, she wanted to see Bean’s room. Her room is one we all avoid like the plague. It’s always a disaster and the usual deal is, if we don’t have a clear path to the bed, she doesn’t get tucked in. That’s how bad it is. But my sister wanted to see and she offered to come over on Saturday to help Bean clear it all up.

Hubby and Minime are also planning to attack the basement on Saturday. I’m not sure what I’ll do but I have plenty on my Small Project List to attack or my own bedroom too.

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Ten Things I Can Do Today to Feel Productive

Monday, Monday… boy how I hate Mondays.

Over at A Slob Comes Clean. she wrote a post entitled “Ten Things I Can Do Today So I’ll Feel Like Less of a Slob Tomorrow“. As I began to read I thought: “Oh great! I picked an idol who still doesn’t have it all together after two years of blogging and really making an effort. Is there any hope for me?”

And then I was strucked with a duh moment. She’s making an effort. She has been making strides of efforts. People like her and I will always struggle with our home because it’s not something that comes naturally. It comes with discipline. And motivation. And a lot of butt kicking!

Since I have such a hard time being productive on Mondays, I figured that I can dedicate my Mondays to 10 Things I can do to feel Productive. Why not! Butt kicking at it’s finest right? It won’t have a fancy ring to it or anything but it will be my way to look at a list of 10 items I accomplished on a Monday.

Today, I got the family involved in a 15 minute decluttering session. Yeah, they hate me but check this out! Here’s my before picture. This is the shelving unit in the office closet. Filled with paper clutter – which I thought all belonged to Minime. I was wrong.

Minime and I went throught the piles and boxes while Hubby and Bean went through the room chucking out garbage. Together, we filled a large bag! Yuck!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a before picture of the room but here’s the after picture of the closet shelf:

And yes everything is put away and not just piled somewhere else! Now I have some room to store items for foster babies!

Go us! One little step at a time!

Ten Things I Can Do Today to Feel Productive list

  1. I got rid of a large area rug that I love. Correction: I love the idea of having an area rug. I bought this one at a garage sale and it doesn’t fit in my house – anywhere – it’s too large so it was sitting in the garage. An area rug doesn’t look all that pretty rolled up in the garage. So I answered an ad on Freecycle and it’s gone!
  2. Came to the realization that trying to sell everything is too much work and takes too much time. Freecycle is a great outlet but so is dropping things off at Value Village or Salvation Army. Hubby and I have discussed about renting a U-Haul and just fill it up! Sounds so much more ‘releasing’! I’ll keep you posted if we follow through.
  3. Brought home some good boxes from the grocery store! Let’s fill ’em with bye-bye-clutter and then drop it off!
  4. Emptied all the jars from my spice rack and put them in the dishwasher since I have a university student picking it up tomorrow.
  5. Filled the dishwasher.
  6. Decluttered my corner unit since someone else is picking that up tomorrow.
  7. Did some research and started working on my dad’s newsletter.
  8. 15-minute decluttering session.
  9. Filled a large garbage bag.
  10. Emptied all the garbage pails in the house (garbage day tomorrow)