Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Progress…. Ahhhh!

I walked through the main floor for something while hubby and Bean were in the livingroom. The lights are all on and my first reaction is:

OH NO Turn the lights off, our neighboors can see inside…..

Oh wait a minute, the house is clean LET THEM LOOK!!!


I love this new feeling!

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The sad truth about clutter

Clutter took over my home and life without us even noticing it. It’s very unfortunate. My garage is currently a ‘do not cross’ zone. We should really have yellow danger tape all around it. It makes those Hoarder episodes look like nothing.

Among that clutter, somewhere deep under it all, are Christmas decorations including a tree. Here we are Dec 13th – 12 days til Christmas – and my house is bare… no decorations, no tree. And I can’t foresee us managing this. There is just no way to get to that corner. Can we have Christmas without a tree? Is that fair to the kids? What can I do to make up for this nonsense?

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Forget the list…

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So here goes…

Muddle Mayhem At Its Worse Part 2:

An impromptu visit and dinner party with my sister and cousin Wiggy tonight in my VERY cluttered, messy, muddled house forced me to face a few embarrassing moments. For instance, opening a cupboard and wondering what that horrendous smell was only to find fruit flies swarming over the potatoes which are soaking in about 2 inches of liquid. What kind of liquid? I have no idea… nor do I want to know!

What did I do?

“So sorry everyone, hold your breath!” as I ran out the back door with this bin. I placed it neatly on the steps and left it there so hubby can deal with it…

Oh My Chaos – this house is worse than I thought!

Is that even possible?


As we’re eating dinner (yes somehow we still had an appetite), I tell Wiggy and my sister that I’ve committed the next few days to decluttering a lot of junk. The plan is to walk through each room, make a list of the things I see and know that I don’t want in this house, send it to each of them and whatever they don’t want, I’m donating it away.

My sister says: “Forget the list, send it all to donations!”

Huh! What a concept. Skip a step, make it simple, JUST GET RID OF IT!

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Mayhem at its worse

You know your house is in complete disarray when…

your own child proclaims: “Mom, we should be on THIS show”.

Yeah… one of those hoarder shows ūüė¶

That really broke my heart.

While I know my house is a disaster zone, I honestly don’t think it’s¬†THAT bad, but the kids obviously¬†do. And how fair is that to them? How fair is it that the home that I am providing for them is not one where they feel comfortable – or maybe they do and that scares me more!

But today we proved mayhem at its worse.¬†I don’t think it gets any worse than this…

I’m in the kitchen cleaning up some before company arrives. I place something in the fridge and glance to the floor. A small white envelope is just laying there.

How long has it been there, I don’t know but it blends in with everything else in this house. I know for a few weeks I had a couple of bags and cans sitting in this very same spot so maybe it’s been laying under that clutter for quite a while. My best guest would be at least a month but it could be longer.

Taking a closer look, I realize there is money in this envelope… Hmmmm! So I bend down and pick it up.

Notice now that I only spent the little bit of energy to bend and scoop once I realized there was $$ involve. How much $$ I didn’t know yet but prior to this realization, there was no reaction. I didn’t have the urge to clear this envelope off the floor. AND THAT BUGS ME! This can’t be happening. This is why the kids do it too. This is why my house is in complete chaos – an absolute muddle mayhem!

Why do I ignore these simple tasks? There is soooo much junk everywhere that I don’t even see it anymore!

I check the envelope and find $60!!! WOW! $60 sitting right here on the KITCHEN FLOOR!!!! for WEEKS!!!!!!!! I can’t get over this.

I do recognize the envelope, it’s one I had stashed behind the mixer one day over the summer¬†with some extra money I didn’t want just “laying around“… huh! Imagine that!

I try to remember when was the last time we even used the mixer and I think – I’m not sure – Minime used it last OVER a month ago. So did this envelope fall out when she pulled the mixer out of the cupboard? eh boy! Mayhem at its worse for sure!

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