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Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Nov 29 – Picture Analysis

Today I’m suppose to be a great friend. I offered to come over to bring the kids to the park and catch up on some dishes and possibly laundry since she had a baby last Wednesday.

But secretly, I would prefer to stay home and take care of this mayhem.

Did you hear that? Or more like read that? I would prefer to sort this chaos than spend time with a friend and her children. There is something wrong with me!

After getting through most of the worse room in this house, I feel I can conquer (almost) anything. I know I can do this. And with that huge pile of bye-bye-donations at the door, it’s extremely motivating.

For Picture Analysis Tuesday, I would love to show you the pile of garbage outside and everything going to donations but alas, my phone has died and I cannot take the pic 😦

But I can update you on my other sections.

  1. the hallway is piled high with donations but also stuff waiting to come upstairs. So it’s not maintained per say but close 🙂
  2. The dishwasher is a big hot spot so I’ve included it in my evening routine. When I fill the dishwasher after dinner, I clear off the top as well. Done!
  3. The toilet looks awesome! The whole bathroom does except the floor. I should attack that today!
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Nov 22 – Picture Analysis

After Big Project #1

And Big Project #2,

did I feel like doing an original picture analysis?

I surely could have use one of those projects. But then I felt like I was cheating. So I tackled something very very simple. The back of the toilet:

I have this fantasy of adorning my home with plants. Lots of lively plants. It’s a fantasy because no matter how healthy a plant is when it comes through my front door, I end up killing it.

These poor pathetic little guys have tried to survive but alas, there is no real sunshine in this room. What made me think that setting these on the back of the toilet, with the intentions of hanging them one day, would make the bathroom look oh so pretty?

Cuz it’s not.

I threw them out and put the plates in the dishwasher. Then I wiped the back of the toilet, which inspired me to wash the whole thing.

One lovely sparkling toilet.


Oh and an update on my dishwasher? We didn’t do so well but it’s all clear now 🙂

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Nov 15 Picture Analysis Tuesday

Before I start with this week’s Picture Analysis, I’d like to look back at last week’s. Without a real effort, we were able to maintain that little spot and it looks like this:

All I had to do was remove the empty boxes I picked up for more decluttering. Go us!!!!

Now for today’s picture…


This picture was taken a week ago but it still looked the same this morning. The only difference is the counter on the right was also filled with big bowls and pots. The clear containers were in the sick and other dishes found their way to that spot.

Now for the analysis, starting at the bottom left going clockwise:

  1. A case of mandarines. Brand new last week, still as full today. Why? Why aren’t the members of my family the mandarines? Duh… They are now placed in a lovely bowl!
  2. A bread bag, looks like only one piece of crust. Garbage… but by this morning, it wasn’t there, a new loaf was sitting here. Bread is now sitting on the proper shelf and the old bread is gone
  3. Meds Back in the cabinet
  4. A pop can We drank it today and tossed the can
  5. A dirty wine glass Washed and put away
  6. An empty butter dish (clean) Put away
  7. Spray paint I bought this way back in April for a project I was doing but when I got home with it, the nozzle was broken. I put it aside (the receipt is underneath) with the intentions of returning it. Never happened. I have NO IDEA what to do with this now!
  8. Coffee Grinder I still have to find a home for this
  9. A clear container This was no longer there this morning… and I don’t know where it disappeared to but I’m sure it will resurface sometime soon
  10. A container of coffee GARBAGE
  11. Bags of Bits & Bytes In the cupboard with crackers
  12. A Brita Cleaned and put away
  13. A banana (it was disgustingly brown last night when I threw it out)
  14. Clear dirty containers from the fridge Washed and put away
  15. A facial cleaner wipe thing Garbage – really, no one is going to use it anyway
  16. An empty bottle of apple juice Garbage

Wow! Lots of garbage… and stuff to put away. On the counter in the way back, there is an orange container Garbage and round cookie sheet Washed and put away.


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Picture Analysis

Picture Analysis
My daughter came home after school throwing her bag and jacket on the floor. Did I meantion she’s 16? She should know better right? But then again, I should know better too…

I took a picture and thought it would be a good idea to start some Picture Analysis posts. I probably shouldn’t be using this picture for my very first analysis because I automatically want to blame my daughter… but here goes.

What you don’t see: School bag is actually right in the hall entrance so to enter or leave you must walk OVER the bag if you neglect to pick it up. Same goes for the jacket when you’re heading upstairs. Aside from those, I see a single boot. We don’t even have snow on the ground and I’m sure this boot is way too small for my youngest so I’m wondering what in the world?!?!? More junk to clear. Check!

Let’s go clockwise from there:

  • That fuzziness on the steps, that’s dog hair. Sigh… I could probably make a wig with the dog hair on the stairs!
  • A green dirty ol’ sock. Just one.
  • Bins, bins and more bins.
    • The blue one I believe is filled with paper and junk out of my oldest daughter’s bedroom. She will need to go through that. The trouble is asking her to do so will involve some pleading which will eventually lead to yelling. 😦 I’m not proud.
    • The box above that has books
    • and the box above THAT (which isn’t seen in the pic) is filled with Hallowe’en decorations that should be in the garage.
  • Back up to the left side of the picture we have a great big yellow bag – Bean’s overnight bag from two weekends ago. Mostly laundry
  • A white blanket that should probably go into the laundry, again
  • and papers.

Doesn’t seem like much to clear in this section besides the bins/boxes.

  • The boot went into the garbage. I almost threw it in the closet but really, what’s the point?
  • The yellow bag was emptied and everything put in it’s place
  • Under the blanket, I found knitting needles and garbage
  • I even swept! Go Me!

Not perfect, but better

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