Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

So very productive…

and so very excited about it!!

Yesterday I posted my weekend todo list. Although I didn’t clean as much as I wanted to on the main floor, we did enough to feel accomplished.

It’s a shame that my family comes over and just sees ‘the big mess’. They don’t see progress. And I can’t blame them. When I stand in the middle of any room in this house, I myself feel overwhelmed.

When we picked up my daughter’s new bed yesterday (thank you Freecycle), the owner asked us if we wanted a widescreen rear-projector TV. LOL That’s two new tvs in two days. Ah why not…

ARGH – I said yes because I know my cousin is going to take one but I see how easy it is for me to clutter my house like this. This second TV is bigger and better than the first one so I would have said yes regardless. I have to keep track of how much YES I say compared to NOs.

Today our plan was to work on our bedroom so we can put the new TV in there but alas, we didn’t get to it. We’ve talked about it, planned it, and we know exactly how we are going to tackle this together, we just haven’t gotten to it yet! The way we are moving, I suspect it will be done in the next couple of days tho.

I also wanted to tackle the main floor which I did but not in its entirety. Here are some pictures of what we did accomplish 🙂

Before – remember this mess?

Pre-blog mayhem

mayhem part 2

I had cleared it off enough to be “presentable” while I entertained potential buyers for my shelves.

Clearing the mayhem...

As clean as it looks, it didn’t stay like this long. I didn’t take a before picture today because I had forgotten about the above pic… I did clear it off…

Today, it looks like

Carseat is going back in the car and the stairs have been cleared!

The only thing left here is to clear that shelf 🙂


Hubby helped me remove the closet doors. I honestly feel that they contributed to the mess because they were very difficult to open/close so no one wanted to use the closet. What you don’t see is the huge mess that was in there. But now we have personal baskets at the top and enough shelving for shoes. Just this space alone makes the whole house a little less overwhelming! And that is awesome! One more thing scratched off my Small Project List.

We also did another donation run. Not as big as last time but bye-bye tube TV, speakers, side table & a full box of junk.

Last but certainly not least, drum roll please…

Still has a lot on the counter that I would like to clear but it's a start!!!

Compared to

Oh My!

I remember deciding not to have our microwave on the counter so we wouldn’t lose that space… Bwouhahahahahahahaaaaa So we’re trying it. I won’t get rid of the unit until I know for sure I want to keep the microwave here.



And today…

My daughter will read this and pipe up that I cheated… the big pile of junk that was once housed on the counter is now in a box to go through. However, a lot of it went in the garbage AND my container cupboard is nicely organized again. The plan is to go through that box tomorrow while I’m watching my movie!

I’m still proud of what we did accomplish. Tomorrow is a new day!

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52 Weeks of Small Saturday Projects

I am super excited to have found ’52 weeks of Organizing’ over at OrgJunkie. I want to dedicate a portion of my Saturday afternoon to this, which means I start tomorrow. Yeah!

I talked to my hubby about the concept and we immediately changed the name to 52 Weeks of Small Saturday Projects. We came up with 36 small projects within minutes. Oy!

Now over at, I notice that their little promo button has 2011 on it. This tells me they might have another 52 weeks of Organizing event for 2012 which I’m totally pumped to tackle. When I look through their list, I want to jump right in! But in the meantime, I have 9 Saturdays left for 2011. I need to prioritize 9 out of 36 small projects. Maybe I’ll tackle 2 per week to make it 18. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out!

On our list, in no particular order…

  • Linen Closet
  • Under Bathroom sink #1
  • Under Bathroom sink #2
  • Master Bedroom closet Panel A
  • Master Bedroom closet Panel B
  • Master Bedroom closet Panel C (cuz that closet is way too big to make it one small project)
  • Backyard cleanup for winter *
  • Kitchen clutter spot counter *
  • Organize freezer
  • Recycling *
  • Bedside Tables *
  • Yarn/Knitting organization *
  • Board games
  • Front hall closet *
  • Movies/XBOX games
  • Bookshelves
  • Craft Supplies *
  • Jewelry
  • Master Bedroom Boxes (this will take several attempts) *
  • My clothes *
  • Hubby’s clothes *
  • Bean’s clothes *
  • Bean’s clothes cabinet/shelving *
  • Spare room clothes cabinet/shelving *
  • Filing Cabinet *
  • Hard drives re-organization
  • Household floor plan for after Christmas
  • Freecycle decluttering *
  • Baby toys closet
  • Upstairs hallway *
  • Dining room shelves *
  • Microwave stand *
  • Top of fridge/freezer *
  • Finding Christmas bins in Garage *
  • Prepare a cleaning tote *
  • Clear off my desk *

22 * are before-Christmas priority. Bring it on!!

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