Muddle Mayhem

Decluttering my home – and life – one piece of junk at a time…

Incomplete To Do List

When I don’t complete a list, I’m frantically looking through posts to find them and that’s a huge waste of time. This page will serve as a way to keep it all in one place. 🙂

Incomplete Todo lists

  • Vaccuum hallway
  • Put all the laundry away
  • Box #1
  • Box #2
  • Box #3
  • Laundry Basket #4
  • Clear off the floor
  • Vaccuum
  • Clear off the desk
  • Clear off the side tables
  • Empty aquariums (3)
  • Move aquariums (fun)
  • Bring baby toys and supplies in basement
  • Bring a lot of the other furniture in basement
  • Go through box #1, box #2, box #3, and bag of craft supplies
  • Find a home for the old homeschooling stuff
  • Bring rocking chair to baby’s room
  • Clear off the table and then set it nicely
  • Hang the frames where I’d like to see them even if there are no pictures in them yet

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