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No more Stash & Dash plz!

on December 24, 2011

Here we are, Christmas eve. I have a huge ham in the oven and it’s smelling wonderful. The children are wrapping up last minute gifts and my thoughts wonder over to my mother who called me on Monday. Since I was otherwise occupied, I told her I’d call her back but I haven’t been able to reach her. So I reach over for the phone again and try the Knights of Columbus, a place she likes to hang out at.

Guess what; she’s there.

“Hi, can I speak to my mom please?” I feel like such an idiot but that’s a whole other story not appropriate for this blog.

I decide to invite her over for dinner. Since hubby is working til 7, the ham would be ready for around that time so she has plenty of time to prepare.

She declines.

So I invite her for Christmas breakfast.

Brilliant!!!! I absolutely love the idea and so does she! She wants me to invite my sister. Awesome!

And then it hit me…

My house is no where NEAR ready for company like that! My sister, OK! My cousin or dad, fine! They know all about the process of decluttering I’m going through but not my mother and definitely not her clean freak hubby. (I swear my mother doesn’t lift a finger except for laundry! Niiiiice)

CLEAN UP TIME! and fast!!!

Note to self: Don’t EVER do this to yourself again.

Although I truly did enjoy the time I shared with my mom, which is in fact very rare. (not enjoying her company but actually having her over) I also didn’t stress about the mess on Christmas morning. But I sure did a whole lot of stressing with some stash and dash the night before. Not a good thing!


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